Thanksgiving was wonderful and I actually didn't try to stuff myself this year, instead I enjoyed a little at a time. We spent the holiday with both families and this year my Mom really out did herself with her decor. 

As tradition, we all gather around the table, hold hands and say a prayer together. Then we go down the line and give each person a chance to say what they are thankful for this year. Many of us said we were thankful for our family, friends, health and food that we were about to partake of. My little cousin said he was thankful for the thunderstorms because they sprinkle water on the the flowers and trees, he just doesn't like the lightning! lol.

This year Lawrence and I have so much to Thank God for, my heart is over joyed for all He has done in our lives. I do not take anything for granted because life is so fragile and I appreciate where I am today. 

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