Items Needed.

If anyone has old picture frames they don't 
want or need to get rid of...

Or any mason jars with or without lids that you
also don't want or need... 

Would you give them to me PLEASE? I have a few ideas that I want to try with these items.  Thanks in advance!

Is it a Flauta or a Taquito?

Yesterday I had a random conversation with my friend on what is the difference between a Flauta and Taquito. In my house, we never grew up saying "Taquitos" or "Rolled Tacos" so I had no idea why people referred to Flautas as Taquitos. I decided to Google it and apparently the difference seems to be in the type of tortilla used and/or how narrow you roll the tortilla. Just so you know, Flautas, which mean "flutes," usually refer to a flour tortilla that is rolled up very narrow with added filling and deep fried.

Today I just wanted to share how I learned to make FLAUTAS.

(Heat up the tortilla, this helps prevent any cracks when you roll them.)


The Holidays

I love being "home" for the holidays surrounded by the most important people in our lives. I love to just laugh the night away and I also enjoy watching everyone open gifts. It's the best time of the year, everyone is covered in the Christmas spirit! It's probably good that it only comes once a year, because I think we all appreciate that time even more. Family time is the best!!!

Youth Holiday Banquet 

Christmas Eve and Day

New Year Eve

The Christmas decor is all packed up. The ribbon and wrapping paper is stored. I already can't wait until next year :-)

For Now...

I'm just going post a few pictures of what I've been up to ;-) until I'm done editing and ready to blog again in 10 days!

New Year!

Baby Session!

I have lots more to share. Take Care.

Happy (belated) New Year!

I have been on vacation for the past two weeks and last night I was not looking forward to going back to work. I was dreading waking up earlier then 8am and driving through traffic again! I even had to remind myself how to get to work and this morning I missed my turn, I'm not even sure where my mind was taking me. lol. Once I got to my desk this morning, I did take a moment to thank God for giving me this job and always keeping me safe through my morning commute. There are so many ways something could have gone wrong in just minutes. There are so many distracted drivers, that I could of not  made it in today. Again, Thank you God for your protection. 

I have so much to share from Christmas, New Years and a baby session I did but I got to work with no memory card in hand to upload today. oops! (Blame the vacation!) Instead I thought I'd share what's in my heart. I don't do this often so take advantage. (jk) 

Next week our church goes into a week of prayer and fasting. Pastor request that we dedicate 3 full days to fasting and the rest is voluntary. Now I don't mean you fast for one day and break it at dinner, this is 3 full days of no food and just water. We do this every year together as a church. I won't say how many days I'll be fasting but one thing that did resonate in my heart was what Pastor said on Tuesday, "If you have a little need, then you'll fast a little, choose how long you fast based on the need" and I do believe the Lord knows my needs so I'm dedicating next week fully to that purpose. There will be no blogging next week.

Once new year day came everyone asked what my new year resolution is and I don't think there's anything wrong with making resolutions. why not? If it helps motivate you, then go for it! I just didn't put too much thought into it this year so my answer was, I don't have one. lol. I do feel like I have made improvements in myself since last year that I am already happy with, like I don't procrastinate as much, I stay on budgets, I check off my list of things to do and I am WAY more organized now too! Woo hoo, I feel like such a big girl! ha!

There is a phrase that Pastor said often last year and maybe I'm the only one that picked up on it because it spoke to me, "Thank God for what He is going to do." Basically thank Him in advance and trust that He is already answering, opening the doors, providing etc. For this new year I am going to keep Thanking Him for all that HE is doing in my life and all that HE has already done.

Thank you God!