Painting Day!

Yesterday the Mr. spent the day painting the house with some helpers and calls to tell me the color I had wanted looks lavender! WHAT! Lavender? How is that? It turns out I picked a color that looked brown/grey but was from a purple family. I leave work in a rush to see this "lavender" room they've already completed and sure enough it was what they said....lavender.

Long story short...we got new paint and it looks much better. I am very happy with this new color! 

(Top non-shiny color is the original color, shiny color is the new paint.)

(Here you can see the "lavender" and the bottom color is the new one)

My Cleaning Partner, Mikey!
He wiped all the "lower" level cabinets and selves for me. lol.

Home Sweet Home!

I have been waiting three months to share this exciting news with y'all! We have gone through it all to get this house but at the end I realized that it wasn't ever in our control whether we got it or not because ultimately it was always in the hands of God and if wanted to give it to us he would. It's so beautiful to be able to put it in His hands, step back and watch it unfold, because at the end I understood why everything happened the way it did. Since day one of house shopping we fall in love with this house, put in the bid and won the bid, started paper work and then it was a roller coaster from there but last Tuesday we got to sign at title and Wednesday we "recorded" (house talk, basically became official!) and got the KEYS!

We had our first dinner on Friday at our house! Ironically, Whataburger was also the first dinner we had as husband and wife on the day of our wedding! lol. You know how there is a secret rule that the bride and groom never eat at their own wedding. jk.
Here's a glimpse of the kitchen!

  Enjoying dinner on the kitchen island.

We're just SO excited to start moving but not so excited about the cleaning. lol. oh well!

Thank God for all His wonderful blessings!

BTW, if you have any advice you can offer me as a new home owner, please leave a comment for me! Thanks!!!!

In Loving Memory

It’s So Hard To Believe That You’re Really Gone
And To Know That We Will No Longer
See Your Smiling Face,
Or Hear The Sound Of You’re Laughter

You Left So Many Memories, Which Will Never Part
You Will Always Live Deep Inside Our Hearts
We Are Thankful That God Graced Us
With Someone As Special As You
It’s Just Hard To Believe
Your Life On Earth Is Really Through.

In Loving Memory Of Cruz "Dad" Robles
Who Went Home To Be With The Lord on 
February 20, 2012

 I will miss walking into their home and hearing his voice, hugging him and him telling just about anything to get me to smile bigger then I already was. In his final days he wrote his children and grandchildren a letter where he said "Soon there will be an empty seat at the table" but today there is more then an empty seat, it's just not going to be the same without Him.

Love you so much, Thank you for your love.


Today I felt a burden to say, if you have been on a journey for awhile and feel like there is no answers to your prayer, don't worry. God is already steps ahead of you laying down the foundation for your answer. Even when you think you have reached a dead end, keep praying because a new road will appear. That is the beauty of trusting in God, we may not know when or how, but He is always on time. 

Valentine's Day Recap!

I hope everyone had a "sweet" Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Snackers!

1 Bag of Pretzel Snaps
2 Bags of Hershey's Kisses
1 Bag of M&M's

5. Place baking sheet in oven for 3-4 minutes
6. Let cool for 5-10 minutes 
(You can test if cool enough by placing an M&M on the Kiss, if it collapses fast, it's too hot still)
7. Place M&M candy on the peak of the Hershey's Kiss and gently press it down.
8. Refrigerate until firm and cool. (I waited about 20 minutes)

(Courtesy of Brookie Cookies)

9. Package in whatever you'd like. (I bought these baggies at Party City)
10. Share and Enjoy!!!!

This snacker works for Christmas too! 
(Photo courtesy of Blogher)

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day to all my beautiful friends, blog readers and family! You are all wonderful to me and I appreciate you all!

This month I didn't work on any Valentine's Day gifts until yesterday late in the evening cause I was stubborn and refused to give my friends store bought gifts. lol. I'll share how and what I made tomorrow :-)

Any finally, here is a picture of Tennille, Chris and I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day!!! We did the math and estimated that this picture was taken on Valentine's Day in 2000 when I was in 8th Grade. My Mom said that Chris and Tennille where going to take this picture alone but little miss shy (Tennille) wasn't ready to do it alone so they had to go find me outside so that I could take the picture with them. LOL. 
Awe, good times & good memories!

To dry your tears...

One of my projects for Chyra's wedding was to create customized hankies using my Cameo machine. This was my very first time working with heat transfer iron on but after 2 trial and errors, I figured it out. I can officially sale these now! Anyone ready to buy? lol. me. Remember it doesn't have to be just for weddings.

For the Groom

For the Mother of the Bride

For the Mother of the Groom

I can write whatever you want, use any font and size! 

(sorry about the blurry pictures, I was in a hurry)

The Coordinator. That's Me!

This weekend wrapped up a 7 month process of planning and as I assumed, it all went by so fast. I'm am so thankful for the opportunity to help direct the most special and memorable day for a bride as her Wedding Coordinator. It was a little more nerve wrecking then I had expected as the day approached, you'd think I was the bride! lol. I just Thank God that it all went well, everyone was in line ready to go on time, we didn't forget petals for flower girls, we had music flowing perfectly! That's what I needed to make sure went well. Now the Bride and Groom are on their honeymoon in Hawaii, awe, so romantic.

The Love Bug Month

Welcome to February! Can you believe we are already in the month of February? I can't! I do have to say that I thoroughly enjoy this month, I love how it brings love to the world even if they only do it for the sake of the holiday. lol. 

I haven't done any projects for Valentine's Day because I am a little busy being a Wedding Coordinator to Miss.Chyra who is getting married this weekend to the love of her life, Jon.

 (Photographer: Ashley & Designer: ME!)
Wow! The experience has been great so far since she has such an easy going personality.  For now, enjoy this free printable.