Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day to all my beautiful friends, blog readers and family! You are all wonderful to me and I appreciate you all!

This month I didn't work on any Valentine's Day gifts until yesterday late in the evening cause I was stubborn and refused to give my friends store bought gifts. lol. I'll share how and what I made tomorrow :-)

Any finally, here is a picture of Tennille, Chris and I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day!!! We did the math and estimated that this picture was taken on Valentine's Day in 2000 when I was in 8th Grade. My Mom said that Chris and Tennille where going to take this picture alone but little miss shy (Tennille) wasn't ready to do it alone so they had to go find me outside so that I could take the picture with them. LOL. 
Awe, good times & good memories!

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