While I was at youth retreat last week, I was talking with one of the young ladies and she mentioned that she visits my blog. I thanked her for stopping by the blog and she said she really liked it and when she gets married she wants to be do what I do. 

I asked her what's that? And she replied, "You know stay home and blog all day, work on crafts and sew stuff" LOL...I laughed! I told her "Girrrrrrl, I work!" The young lady was in a bit of shock, because then she said "It doesn't look like you work cause you always have crafts to do, how do you do it?" I told her that I just find time for the things I love. LOL, I'm still laughing thinking about it, not at her but I wondered if it really looks like I sit at home and craft all day. 

 I'm not saying staying home doing crafts all day wouldn't be AWESOME. It would actually be a dream come true. Especially if I could make money off of it, but just so y'all know, I actually have a job. I am an office manager for my Dads' trucking company, been here for seven years but the company has been around since 1997. I manage the company by paying bills, doing payroll, making sure there's enough post-it's to go around, plenty of snacks to keep us chubby, supervise Tennille (lol) and pick on Chris (lol). 

Although sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day doesn't sound like fun, I do love my job! I get to work with family, it's not very stressful, I can get away with being late and not get fired cause my dad is my boss. Don't get me wrong, working for my Dad isn't the easy part, he might actually be the most stressful part of it, but I'm basically the only person that can make him "chill out" at the end of the day.  

I started working straight out of high school because I like the feeling of having my own money to spend. I bought my own car and paid my own bills since then. I have always been very independent, so working is something I felt I needed to do.
My parents have always taught us that this company is our "bread and butter" so we needed to treat it with respect and put all our heart into it. I'm very grateful for this blessing.

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The Lipkin Life said...

That's funny. I have gotten comments like that too, well you're just a mom, all you do is stay home all day and play with your kids. LOL! If they only knew! It's nice to know that we make it look positive though, rather than complaining and griping we obviously appear happy and relaxed! :)