Essential Oil

Recently I started doing some research on Essential Oils, how they help, what oils do what and so on. Well I ran into a few really good blogs that answered a lot of questions for me and I decided to start with Peppermint Oil. The main reason I choose this oil was because it helped with indigestion issues such as  heartburn, acid reflux, motion sickness which are three main issues I'd like to be relieved of.  We'll see how this product helps in the coming weeks...months and I'll keep you posted.

There are many ways to use Peppermint Essential Oil during your daily life. 
Here are just a few:
1.) Rub 4-6 drops in the palm and rub over stomach and around the navel to relieve indigestion, flatulence and diarrhea.
2.) Add a drop of Peppermint oil to herbal tea to aid in digestion and relieve heartburn.
3.) Massage several drops of Peppermint oil on the area of injury to reduce inflammation.
4.) Apply Peppermint oil immediately to an inured area (bruised shin, hit on the foot or hand) to relieve pain.  If there is a cut, apply the Peppermint oil around (not on) the open wound.
5.) Rub several drops of Peppermint oil on the bottoms of the feet to reduce fever.
6.) Apply a drop of Peppermint oil topically on unbroken skin to stop itching.
7.) For poison ivy or poison oak, apply Peppermint oil on location neat (undiluted) or dilute with V-6 Mixing Oil.
8.) Inhale Peppermint oil before and during a workout to boost your mood and reduce fatigue.
9.) Massage several drops of Peppermint oil on the abdomen to relieve nausea.
10.) To relieve a headache, rub a drop of Peppermint oil on the temples, forehead, over the sinuses (avoiding the eyes) and on the back of the neck.
11.) To stop hiccups, apply a drop of Peppermint oil on each side o the fifth cervical vertebra (up three notches from the large vertebra at the base of the neck).
12.) Place two drops of Peppermint oil on the tongue and rub another drop under the nose to improve alertness and concentration.
13.) Diffuse Peppermint oil in the room while studying to improve concentration and accuracy.  Inhale Peppermint oil, when taking a test to improve recall.
14.) Rub 4 drops of Peppermint oil on the chest and stomach to relieve travel sickness. 
15.) Place a drop of Peppermint oil on the tongue and inhale into the nose and sinuses to relieve congestion from a cold.
16.) Add Peppermint oil to food as a flavoring and a preservative.
17.) To deter rats, mice, ants or cockroaches, place two drops of Peppermint oil on a cotton ball and place along the path or point of entry or these pests.
18.) Mix one 15 ml. bottle of Peppermint oil into a 5 gallon can of paint to dispel the fumes.
19.) Place a couple of drops of Peppermint oil in a cup of hot water and enjoy in place of coffee.
20.) To kill aphids on plants, add 4-5 drops of Peppermint oil to 4 ounces of water and spray the plants.
21.) Drink a drop of Peppermint oil mixed in a glass of cold water to cool off on a hot day.
22.) Rub Peppermint oil on joints to relieve arthritis or tendinitis pain.
23.) Place a drop of Peppermint oil on the tongue to stop bad breath.
24.) Inhale the fragrance of Peppermint oil to curb the appetite and lessen the impulse to overeat.
25.) Remove ticks by applying a drop of Peppermint oil on a cotton swab and swabbing the tick.  Wait for it to unwedge its head and remove from your pet.
26.) Mix Peppermint oil in a foot bath to relieve sore feet.  Keep water agitated while soaking feet

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