It's been awhile..

Once I start receiving text messages from friends asking me "when are you going to blog" is when I know I really haven't blogged in a long while. I can usually think of daily topics to blog about and then I think "who wants to read that?" or "nah, that's boring" so lately I felt like I have nothing to blog about. lol. I was also stuck at home for 4 straight days with the flu....ugh...the FLU is so over rated. I'm feeling much (much) better today and hopefully will be 100% myself in a few more days if not in the next 5 mins...okay few days it is! 

The unpacking is coming along very well and I'm so proud of my Love for taking of the front yard like a proud homeowner should. 

On to a random topic....If you knew me back in high'd know that I was actually never organized. I'd never wash my clothes until I was down to the last pair of sock...or had "nothing" to wear to church (if you know what I mean). I could never keep my closet organized, under my bed you'd find a collection of trash and treasures and sometimes I'd get grounded for having a messy room.

(Valerie, in our compiled dirty clothes)

(Not sure how long this mess lasted)

(There were some rare moments when I'd clean it up)

Basically, I was always a mess (And lets not get started on my car issues)...and then I got married to Mr.Neat, Mr. Car smells like new still, Mr. Clean cut, Mr. Daily pressed shirts, Mr. Showers like 20 times a day if needed (slight exaggeration). Ugh, big mistake...for him, he learned I wasn't so organized very quickly!!!! lol. Now almost three years later I am happy to announce that the high school-er that once knew nothing about making the bed after waking really organized! My closet is always picked up, I fold my clothes once it comes out of the dryer, I don't let the hamper fill up AND I even pick up after Mr.Neat! 

Who am I?

I say all this because I really do appreciate my husband for teaching me to be a better wife without using too many words. He just sets the example and it if you're working on someone that needs that extra help, please don't give up...they are learning from your example and will soon reap what you've been sowing. 
I speak from experience. 


Mary Frances said...

Awwww thats soooo sweeet!!! Ima have to marry a Mr.organized too!!! Read this ( LOLOLOL!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh, thank you so much for the hope! My daughter has a picture of her room on her blog (Drama Queen on my list) and it's seriously no joke. Tyler just said the other day "She memorized which clothes are clean and which are dirty on her floor." She reads your blog so maybe it will motivate her a little , or not! lol

And I agree about your husband setting an example. While I wasn't as bad as my daughter is, cleaning does not come easy to me. But, when you desire to please your husband and you know that a clean house pleases him, it just seems to flow a little more naturally.

Good job!

jen lord said...

Hello :)

I love the part about your previous disorganized lifestyle!

Gives me hope for someday! :D

Adrienne said...

@ Mary, lol, thanks for sharing that link!

@ Sis.Caldwell, that is the truth, pleasing him makes me feel like a great wife. My Mom did her best to change me a long time ago but it wouldn't work. lol.

@ Jen, Hello...yes someday you will get a dose of this "organization" and never turn back!