Youth Camp

Youth camp always brings back good memories so anytime we've been asked to chaperone for our local youth camp, it's always a Yes! This years camp was no different, we go expecting great things and come back with a blessing beyond our original expectations. It's such a dwelling place for the youth to just concentrate on God's word with no distractions, no cellphones, no internet, no chores, no homework, no work. There is no way I wouldn't want to be a part of that experience with them. 

It excites me to see when several young ladies gather around one young lady that is in desperate need of God's touch and they will pray with all their hearts and with tears flowing down their cheeks until that young lady is broken. All of the sudden their victory is contagious and you feel victory with them. You rejoice with those who rejoice. I carry their burden because it wasn't too long ago that I too was in their steps.  We can't judge them when they fail, because even we failed at their age and there was someone there to lift us up and encourage us to continue. Today, We need to be that person to help lift up the young people and continue to pray for them. 

 On one of the days, Bro. Jones (guest speaker) said to the youth "Don't ever say no one loves you because there are some great people here that have taken time from work and their responsibilities to be here for you today." I don't think we could of said it any better, we love our youth. If taking a few days off from work is all it takes to be there for them, then that's what we'll continue to do.


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