1. Yummy & thoughtful, from my love!
2. Lunch at one of our favorite spots, Southwest Bistro
3. It's hard to have us both in the same picture if there is no one around to take it.
4. One of my favorite treats!
5.  This is outside of the Hyatt of Scottsdale, same place he proposed to me in 2008. 
6. One of our favorite hobbies, I'm up to 3 miles on one trip!


I am always running into one blog that leads to another that have heartbreaking stories that really make me appreciate life even more. Today I read a post of a man who's wife died while giving birth to their son. It doesn't even sound like a scenario you'd hear about now in days with all the technology we have, but apparently it still happens.

 As I was reading the through the posting, I stumbled across an entry that said they were married in June of 2009. The date stood out to me since that is also the year Lawrence and I got married. On the eve of my 3rd wedding anniversary, I am reading of another man who isn't going to be able to celebrate his anniversary with his wife and mother of his child. 

I think of the simple gestures that he will not be able to do on the day he said "I do" three years later. The dinner date to celebrate with her, that he will not be able to plan. The late night talks about their future plans that he will not be able to have. 

At times we see anniversary dates and even birthdays as something that we some how deserve, as a day we expect to have. We think we're so invincible, untouchable, nothing will ever happen to us...and yet nothing says it couldn't of been us in his footsteps today.


My heart is abundantly's over flowing with gladness because we are here 
today, together, because of God's grace.


This past Saturday my sister celebrated her 20th Growing up you can say we always had fun together and loved each other but the SEVEN year age gap meant that I wasn't just a sister....but a 2nd mom to her. I would be making sure her clothes was "appropriate" or that she didn't get home past her curfew, because that's what an older-sister-that-thinks-she-is-your-2nd-mom-does! I'm very protective too, so as the second mother I did make sure to protect her from as much gossip and information that could potentially hurt her, as I could.

Now that I'm married and feel so far away from her although we are only 10 mins away. I've learned that she isn't a little girl anymore (yes it's taken me this long), she's not that crazy after all either, she's just Val. I can call her to help me and she'll be there, she'll always defend me (physically) if needed, she's very sensitive and most of all caring. The last time I was sick, she was the one to drive me to my dr's appointment...because she knows how to go out of way for her big sister!!!

Our relationship will continue to evolve...we'll always have each other, because no one understands you more then a sibling. They've seen me through my bad hair days, my ups, downs and rebel days (lol) and still love me back and accept me for who I am today.

(I think this has gone beyond a simple happy birthday wish, lol)

Happy Birthday Valerie...I still remember you crying on your first birthday when we sang happy birthday to you! LOL!!!

BTW, she's started her own blog, Mylife.

Model Homes

I stopped by some more model homes near my house looking for some ideas to steal. I really like to see how they mix color, furniture and decor that I'd think wouldn't go together but it ends up looking so nice. 

What I've learned so far is that LESS is better. For some reason I think that I need to fill up a wall for it to look great, but really one frame per wall is just fine.

The beauty of it!


This young lady, Connie is very inspiring and I just had to share a quick version of her testimony with you today.

22 years ago I went through a surgery, but the doctors told my parents that there was a 75% chance of death and 25% chance of survival, and if I did survive I wouldn't be able to walk or talk, and I was going to be hooked up to machines till I died. But I survived the surgery and started walking when I was 9 months and I talked when I was 2 years of age. In 2007 The doctor gave me 2 months to live, but 4 years have passed and I'm still alive. So I am a witness that God is a healer, and a God that works miracles! So I just want to tell anyone out there that is waiting for a miracle. Just hold on a little longer, your miracle is on its way!


 Over the weekend I worked on this project for the house. I'd been wanting to make a "spring" accent for the entrance since march and never got to it. This is just the beginning of lots more ideas I have in mind. Keep checking back to see what else I'll be adding to mi casa.

Green Moss- Dollar Tree Store
Felt Material - Hobby Lobby (2 for $1)
Buttons- Hobby Lobby

Kitchen Decor

When we got married I registered for all brown and blue stuff. This meant my kitchen, living room and bathrooms were full of those two shades of colors. With the new house I really wanted to add red to the mix, so I'm working on buying a few red items here and there because it's still highly dominated by the color brown. 

At a recent shopping trip to Ross I found a really nice red vase for only $4.99, it had seaside accents attached to it but I noticed it could easily be removed so I bought it! Here are the steps I took to transform it, except I forgot to take a before picture with the sea stuff on it.

After giving it a new look on the outside, I added "accent stones" that I always buy at the Dollar Tree store and a candle I already owned.

The final look...

This is where I decided it will be staying...

Red Tray- Target (Christmas clearance item)
Paris Plate- Hobby Lobby
Flower- Hobby Lobby 

I'll have a new project to share next week, so come back soon!

Weekend Recap.

I had to share these pictures of my brother with his cup holder!!!! LOL! We're sitting around his desk for lunch on Friday and he's drinking away when all of the sudden he says "I don't want to lose weight if that means I'm going to lose my cup holder!" LOL!!!

Weekend Recap...
 Salsa and Chips Anyone?
 Installed the new fan just in time for the heat.
 Admiring the sunset near our house.
 Went looking for a "spring" pattern for Sunday's outfit.
 Made my skirt!
 Apparently Burger King thinks I'm royalty.
 Yummy, made some desserts for Our Easter Lunch.
 Had a wonderful lunch with the family.

 Got Easter goodies from Auntie.
 I really love the garden sections.
 I can't wait to have pots full of flowers at my house.
Love the weekend...but they go by so fast.