The Craft Room

I've known for quite some time exactly how I want my craft room to look like. I will reuse all the items I already had like picture frames, decor accents, Eiffel towers and a few new items I've received as gifts over the holidays. It's not going to have a set theme, instead my plan is to have everything coordinate and compliment each other with colors. I also got my desk, it's currently scratched up and brown but soon it will be smooth and black!

The walls to my craft room will be a light grey-sh/silver color with pink, black and popular pattern accents such as damask and houndstooth. I'm currently obsessed with the color Grey, I really like it and I've already painted my master bedroom grey. I know some people consider this color to be "depressing" but I think if you add bright accents, it can become a very inviting color.

Below is the color pallet I will be using.
Here are some ideas I've gathered that I plan on applying to my new room...

I can't wait to get started!!!

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~Kristin~ said...

Wow can't wait to see your room.....all these examples are amazing! Have tons of fun!