I am always running into one blog that leads to another that have heartbreaking stories that really make me appreciate life even more. Today I read a post of a man who's wife died while giving birth to their son. It doesn't even sound like a scenario you'd hear about now in days with all the technology we have, but apparently it still happens.

 As I was reading the through the posting, I stumbled across an entry that said they were married in June of 2009. The date stood out to me since that is also the year Lawrence and I got married. On the eve of my 3rd wedding anniversary, I am reading of another man who isn't going to be able to celebrate his anniversary with his wife and mother of his child. 

I think of the simple gestures that he will not be able to do on the day he said "I do" three years later. The dinner date to celebrate with her, that he will not be able to plan. The late night talks about their future plans that he will not be able to have. 

At times we see anniversary dates and even birthdays as something that we some how deserve, as a day we expect to have. We think we're so invincible, untouchable, nothing will ever happen to us...and yet nothing says it couldn't of been us in his footsteps today.


My heart is abundantly's over flowing with gladness because we are here 
today, together, because of God's grace.

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~Kristin~ said...

Wow...what a tragic story....thank you for the reminder of how much we have to be thankful for!