Kitchen Decor

When we got married I registered for all brown and blue stuff. This meant my kitchen, living room and bathrooms were full of those two shades of colors. With the new house I really wanted to add red to the mix, so I'm working on buying a few red items here and there because it's still highly dominated by the color brown. 

At a recent shopping trip to Ross I found a really nice red vase for only $4.99, it had seaside accents attached to it but I noticed it could easily be removed so I bought it! Here are the steps I took to transform it, except I forgot to take a before picture with the sea stuff on it.

After giving it a new look on the outside, I added "accent stones" that I always buy at the Dollar Tree store and a candle I already owned.

The final look...

This is where I decided it will be staying...

Red Tray- Target (Christmas clearance item)
Paris Plate- Hobby Lobby
Flower- Hobby Lobby 

I'll have a new project to share next week, so come back soon!

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