This past Saturday my sister celebrated her 20th Growing up you can say we always had fun together and loved each other but the SEVEN year age gap meant that I wasn't just a sister....but a 2nd mom to her. I would be making sure her clothes was "appropriate" or that she didn't get home past her curfew, because that's what an older-sister-that-thinks-she-is-your-2nd-mom-does! I'm very protective too, so as the second mother I did make sure to protect her from as much gossip and information that could potentially hurt her, as I could.

Now that I'm married and feel so far away from her although we are only 10 mins away. I've learned that she isn't a little girl anymore (yes it's taken me this long), she's not that crazy after all either, she's just Val. I can call her to help me and she'll be there, she'll always defend me (physically) if needed, she's very sensitive and most of all caring. The last time I was sick, she was the one to drive me to my dr's appointment...because she knows how to go out of way for her big sister!!!

Our relationship will continue to evolve...we'll always have each other, because no one understands you more then a sibling. They've seen me through my bad hair days, my ups, downs and rebel days (lol) and still love me back and accept me for who I am today.

(I think this has gone beyond a simple happy birthday wish, lol)

Happy Birthday Valerie...I still remember you crying on your first birthday when we sang happy birthday to you! LOL!!!

BTW, she's started her own blog, Mylife.

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