Weekend Recap.

I had to share these pictures of my brother with his cup holder!!!! LOL! We're sitting around his desk for lunch on Friday and he's drinking away when all of the sudden he says "I don't want to lose weight if that means I'm going to lose my cup holder!" LOL!!!

Weekend Recap...
 Salsa and Chips Anyone?
 Installed the new fan just in time for the heat.
 Admiring the sunset near our house.
 Went looking for a "spring" pattern for Sunday's outfit.
 Made my skirt!
 Apparently Burger King thinks I'm royalty.
 Yummy, made some desserts for Our Easter Lunch.
 Had a wonderful lunch with the family.

 Got Easter goodies from Auntie.
 I really love the garden sections.
 I can't wait to have pots full of flowers at my house.
Love the weekend...but they go by so fast.


Mary Frances said...

Waaaaaiiiit I want to see a pic of what you sewed for Easter!!! You seamstresses...sooooo ANNOYIN how you can just whip out a new outfit...YES...I'm JEALOUS!!! LOL

Adrienne said...

your too funny, okay I'll take a picture of the skirt, it's simple.