SD Part One

Just wanted to share some pictures of 
our third anniversary getaway! 

(Downtown SD) 

Same spot during the day!

(Downtown SD)

Saturday we headed out to Old town for Breakfast 
& to Seaport to shop and get dessert.

(Lawrence taking a picture of a turtle in the pond)

More to come soon...

San Diego!

In just a few hours, the Mr. and I will be Cali bound to celebrate our third wedding anniversary exactly one month after the actual date (4/25). lol. 

I already scouted out new spots we could visit that we hadn't been to before like, Belmont Park and Cremolosesd.

We're excited to just get out to the cool weather with a high of 69 degrees, eat, shop, relax......and eat some more!

 (This is us on our one year anniversary!)


Today is a very sad day for us at work, we're losing our co-worker of almost five years. At the same time we're so happy for her because it's a great job she got with an awesome company! To say the least, today is just a bittersweet day. 

Here's a tip!

I saw this trick on pinterest, so I gave it a shot and 
it really works easier then anything else I've tried in the past.

1. Tape
2. Marker/Pencil/Pen (Whatever works for you)
3. Leveler

Project #1

My craft room set up has started, the room is painted and now it's just time for me to put my ideas together. Color scheme is still the same, Pink, White, Black, Grey with different pattern accents. Here's the first of many projects I did in the room so far.

Cork Board on sale for $5

White Sconce, clearance price $1.99 at Ross

Tin Can, I've been saving my can's for projects I have in mind.

Regular 4x6 frame, spray painted pink and I designed/printed the sign to go in it.

I got these during a Christmas Homemade gift exchange that I participated in last year. Sooo Cute!!

I added scrapbook paper that I've had for years 
& some colorful pens.

Before          &               After

 On another small wall in the room I added a few items I already owned.

I still have 3 bare walls to work on, curtains to make, a desk to this is just to beginning of it all!!

He did it!

On Friday, my husband graduated with his associates and is now enrolled to start at ASU next year. We're on a long journey together, but so glad he's stuck it through with a grade point average of 3.75!

Invitation Designed by Me, if your looking for someone to make custom invites, let me know!

(Sneaky Girls!!!! LOL!)

On a side note
I am accepting applications/resumes for an opening at my office. 
I'm looking for a few particular requirements, one of the requirements is that the person 
be bilingual (doesn't have to be 100% fluent)
 If your interested please contact me by email: adrienne_garcia @
Thank you!

Day Nine

Something I do everyday!

I like to have options even when it comes to brushing my teeth! lol.

Day Eight

A smell I adore.

 my husband's scent ;)

Day Seven

 Someone that inspires me

(Yup, I'm a big fan)


  1. Fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative: "his enthusiasm inspired them".
  2. Create (a feeling, esp. a positive one) in a person: "inspire confidence".

Colorful Gray

Better Homes has a fun/short quiz to help you decide what paint color choice you should go with. I took the quiz and it turned out to be pretty accurate, since grey has been my recent color choice.

This palette of colorful grays is a perfect balance of sophistication and serenity. Each hue bears the marking of another color (blue, green, purple, etc.), creating a neutral palette that is anything but dull. Pair with rich jewel tones for a luxe look, or with muted hues for a soothing rendition.