Project #1

My craft room set up has started, the room is painted and now it's just time for me to put my ideas together. Color scheme is still the same, Pink, White, Black, Grey with different pattern accents. Here's the first of many projects I did in the room so far.

Cork Board on sale for $5

White Sconce, clearance price $1.99 at Ross

Tin Can, I've been saving my can's for projects I have in mind.

Regular 4x6 frame, spray painted pink and I designed/printed the sign to go in it.

I got these during a Christmas Homemade gift exchange that I participated in last year. Sooo Cute!!

I added scrapbook paper that I've had for years 
& some colorful pens.

Before          &               After

 On another small wall in the room I added a few items I already owned.

I still have 3 bare walls to work on, curtains to make, a desk to this is just to beginning of it all!!


~Kristin~ said...

Looking good!

The Corner Craftroom said...

It is because of this blog and the wonderful ideas posted by my niece that we decided to start our (my daughter and I) own blog at