2,920 days of love!

In June of 2004, Lawrence and I officially became boyfriend and girlfriend! I can't believe it's been eight years, but I always knew he was the one. I remember telling my friends that and they'd ask but how do you know? I'd always say, "It just feels different." It sounds so cliche but for those of you that have experienced it, you know what feeling I'm talking about. 

Lawrence is one of my greatest blessing, he totally gets me and let's me be me! The busy me, the crafty me, the messy me, the over-obsessed-with-eiffel-towers me! LOL! 

In turn I let him be HIM! The ninja turtle lovin, play-station playing, the overachiever and most of all Dr.Pepper with Chocolate Chip cookie snacker he is!

Recently I was asked by a Bride to be if I had any advice for her....where do I start? I gave her the best advice I got:
The honeymoon only end when you allow it to!

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The Lipkin Life said...

Aw! What a sweet post! What you said about accepting those little things that make each other WHO you are is true, we marry adults, who already have their little quirks and funny things about them and they wouldn't be as unique and wonderful if they didn't! (although we may think that at times) haha!