SD Part Three

1. On day three of our trip we met up with my brother and his
friends who were also in SD for the weekend.

2. Driving over the Coronado Bridge.

3. We also stayed at The Hacienda Best Western in Old Town. It wasn't our first stay there, before we even started dating he had gone on vacation with his cousins and my family had also joined and stayed at this hotel. It was fun memories for us, since he claims I was already in love with him by that time. LOL.

4.  One of my good friends who lives in California told me about a awesome place to eat called, Filippi's Pizza Grotto. When we went into the resturant you actually have to stand in line and the line is in the market area. Well the line was all the way outside so we figured it must be good if they are willing to stand in line for 25 mins. to be seated. Boy was it worth the wait...we LOVED the food!


(We had dinner guests)

5. Last day of vacation we walked all of Old Town.
Went to all the shops & read all the historical info we could.

 (I love this tree, it's huge!)

6. Before heading home we stopped at Anthony's Grotto for lunch and said goodbye to San Diego!

7. Well not before making a quick stop at my favorite gelato spot, Chocolat.

That was our summer vacation/anniversary getaway...and we'll gladly do it all over again next year!

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