A sneak peak for ME!

When we started planning our trip to SD, I decided to look for a photographer to take our pictures on the beach. I've always wanted pictures of us like that and I had tried finding a good photographer with a small price tag before but in SD everything is so expensive and I could never find what I was looking for. 

This time I decided to go through Craigslist in SD and I got lucky! I contacted Kay (the photographer) and her prices where perfect for my itty bitty budget. lol. I did some more research and decided I wanted to do the session at Crystal Pier which sits along the Pacific Beach. I loved the location and I finally got a sneak peak yesterday...now I have to play the waiting game to see the rest.


My name is Darlene Payan said...

Great pictures. I have always love "Beach" pictures. Someday, I would like to have them done with my kids and I. I just love visiting your blog. So many ideas.

Adrienne said...

Thanks! You should do a session on the beach, its so much fun!