Happy Birthday!

Through the years he's brought so much laughter & joy to our family. He's got a charming personality and is very caring. I'm so glad we've had the chance to be a big part of his life and watch him grow into the little man he is today.

* I'll never forget when he first told on someone, He claimed that he was sleeping on Chris's bed and fall off. He couldn't say full sentences so he basically acted it out for us using the few words he did know. 

* I'll never forget when I would ask him what he did that day and he'd use the few words he knew at age 2.5 "Sleep, I eat, mommy eat, play with my toys" the end. What a life!

* I'll never forget when he would play with a little car from Lawrence's game room and after leaving to Texas for 3 months, he came to our house, straight passed us and to Lawrence's game room and grabbed the car. That's when I knew he had a great memory!

* I'll never forget when he couldn't quite say both of our names so I told him to call us Yaya and Nana (we both had nick names growing up) and he has called us that ever since then. (Once again, he never forgot)

* I'll never forget when we were listening to Adventures in Odyssey together and the first part always says "Hi, this is Chris! Welcome to Adventures in Odyssey!" Mikey looks at me and says "That's not Qwiss (chris)" LOL, Apparently he thought there was only one Chris in this world.

* I'll never forget when he had a complete conversation with me and could explain and tell me everything he did throughout the day. That's when I realized he really wasn't a baby anymore. (sad moment)

* I'll never forget when he learned to call people on his own using his mom's cell phone. He called me all by himself. I wasn't expecting to hear his voice when I answered but I was so excited to talk to him.

* I'll never forget when he was in love with gum and we could bribe him to do anything for a stick of gum. Then he got upgraded to a pack of gum and carried his own around to share with everyone. 

Celebrating his 5th birthday with Mariachi's in San Diego!
Now your really a big boy and you are going to start Kindergarten soon. This makes me so happy because you're going to learn so much in this next year! Happy Birthday Moo! Nana and Yaya Love you so much!!!!

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