Ninja Turtle Party

Last week my husband turned twenty seven years old. We're only 2 months away, so I'll be turning twenty-seven pretty soon and I'm not looking forward to it...mainly because I don't like odd numbers lol!!! And, I know I say this often, but I really can't believe how quick time is passing, just three years ago we got married and were both 23 years old. Although he's getting older, he's such a kid at heart and I love that because it makes planning a party F-U-N. I put a little pizza party together for him to celebrate his birthday, Ninja Turtle style! There is very limited party supplies out there unless you shop on-line so this was a do-it-yourself project, yay!

(Someone got accepted to ASU)

(Tools for the new grill)

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Gang!! Thanks for participating!!!

Cake made by my sister, Valerie
Banner made by, Kelly