Sedona, Wedding and birthday!

Last weekend my family and I took mini-vacation up north. We rented a house and just enjoyed the company, ate lots of good cooking, played games and just had a relaxing time together. 

 Our rental home

 The driveway to the house
 Our front yard view

We planned this trip to get out of town AND to celebrate my Brother's twenty third birthday! Woo hoo Chris, you OLD!!! LOL! Okay just kidding, your not. Thanks for being the best little brother and always making any dull moment fun...thanks for all of our inside jokes, they make fun moments FUNNER (yes I know that's not a word, but it works!) I've always appreciated you and I know I lecture you often, but I promise I'm only trying to help you see things my way....LOL...okay just kidding, I'm only trying to help you k!

I also helped as Chelsie's wedding planner and coordinator. I really enjoy the whole planning process and most of all the fact that the last two brides I've helped have been SO easy to work with! I have not experience a Bride-zilla moment yet...counting my blessings!

Sis.Allison and her team always do a beautiful job!

 I designed the programs one night before the wedding, yikes!

 My sister took care of setting up the dessert table and making a few of the desserts.

Very blurry picture, sorry.

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My name is Darlene Payan said...

Adrienne, You are absolutely so talented and creative. You have got style and the "know how". When I grow up I want to be just like you. lol.

Beautiful wedding, happy birthday to you both, and glad you had a getaway trip.