Twenty Seven.

Another wonderful birthday has come and gone. I thank God for granting me another year of life. I am extremely grateful. I also want to thank my good friends and family for making my birthday special. It does feel odd to know that I'm only 3 years away from turning 30. I'm just going to try to embrace getting older and make sure I do something positive and fulfilling in the next coming year. 

Since I got married and started making "married" lady friends, I met a great group of ladies and through the last couple of years we kinda became our own little Ladies Club, lol. They're awesome and love to go all out for birthdays! You know who you are, thank you for my birthday celebration...can't wait for the next ladies night!!! woo-hoo!

For my actual birthday my mom and family planned to take me out to eat and it was up to me where we went, but I couldn't decide. I actually don't like the eating out plans for birthday's because I don't feel like it's a "personable" atmosphere for the birthday person. It's usually busy on weekends and LOUD. I like homemade dinners and backyard cookouts instead. In this case there was no time for planning so I picked Smashburger! It worked out great because we were able to sit outside now that we have cool weather and then we had family fun night! Thanks to my family for a great night!

(BTW, I warned Chris that this picture would be on the blog and that's how he wanted to look. And then Mikey copied him. ugh, boys.)

And finally, I had a lovely dinner with my Dad and kids 
(yup I still call my siblings KIDS, lol) It was a really nice dinner.

Also, Thank you all who text'd me and called to wish me a happy birthday, It always makes my day more special!!!

THREE days

Life lessons learned since turning twenty six.

1. Live in the moment. just take a breath and enjoy life doing daily task, driving to work and back, making dinner. don't rush through those little things, the laundry can wait (sometimes). enjoy being present in the moment.

2. Don't be afraid to ask for help. this was a huge lesson for me this year. HUGE. we all need help at some point in life and once you ask for it, you'll learn that people around you are more then willing to help. your loved ones will go above and beyond to help. it's very humbling.

3. Clean out the closet. if you haven't used it within the year, then you probably never will. sell it. give it. you'll notice how much better you'll feel once you get rid of the unnecessary. (philosophically speaking too)

Wall Stencil

Wall Stencil can add a nice touch to a plain or empty wall. I made this stencil by cutting a shape on card-stock paper using my Silhouette Cameo machine. It was cheater then buying a stencil at the store.

Spray the back side with spray adhesive. You want to do this step lightly, because it has to have just enough for it to stick to the wall. Adding too much might leave residue it. (I hope that makes sense)

After that I grabbed a paper plate with paint and once again using a light technique I covered the sponge with paint. You don't want it to be soaked because that's when it bleeds through the paper, so it's okay if its more dry then wet. (BTW, I got the paint for FREE! Every once in a while ACE Hardware has a coupon for a free pint of paint.)

Using the sponge, I dabbed (no strokes) all along the inside of the stencil.

Allow it to air dry, unless your impatient like me, then you bust out with the blow-dryer! lol.

Once its dry, peel the paper aka Stencil for the top to the bottom....Slowly.

(My mom was helping me with this demo and I would say this was too much paint. 
So it's a bad example of what this step should look like. lol)

(You can see in the picture above that the paint did leak a little in a few spots,
 because the sponge was too heavy with paint.)



I didn't like the way this wall turned out so I re-painted the wall and I am almost done re-stencilling it. 
I'll share the updated picture soon but you can see what a difference it can make.

Photo Session Giveaway!

I'm doing a Mini Photo Session GIVEAWAY on my photo blog. Please visit if you'd like to enter!


My Birthday Month!

 I'm trying to think of something unique to do on the blog as a countdown but my ideas are taking me no where. Could you share any simple ideas with me? Thanks!

It's about time!

Last week I was talking to a customer from work and somehow we stumble into the conversation of what my hobby was, Photography! Well right away she says "You take pictures? I want to see!" And then all the sudden I thought, I know we have a professional relationship but do I really want her to see what I did last weekend on my blog? Probably not. lol. 

The easiest way to show potential clients, that I don't go to church with, that I'm not related to, or isn't a good friend of mine will have to be to have a completely separate blog just for that. After a couple days of transferring a few sessions to the new blog I finally published it to share with the world...or at least the few local peeps that are looking for a photographer!

Also just thought I'd like you all to know that I'm offering a deal if you book a session this month!
 I'm going to do a FREE SESSION GIVEAWAY, so stop by again next week!!!