It's about time!

Last week I was talking to a customer from work and somehow we stumble into the conversation of what my hobby was, Photography! Well right away she says "You take pictures? I want to see!" And then all the sudden I thought, I know we have a professional relationship but do I really want her to see what I did last weekend on my blog? Probably not. lol. 

The easiest way to show potential clients, that I don't go to church with, that I'm not related to, or isn't a good friend of mine will have to be to have a completely separate blog just for that. After a couple days of transferring a few sessions to the new blog I finally published it to share with the world...or at least the few local peeps that are looking for a photographer!

Also just thought I'd like you all to know that I'm offering a deal if you book a session this month!
 I'm going to do a FREE SESSION GIVEAWAY, so stop by again next week!!!

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