Twenty Seven.

Another wonderful birthday has come and gone. I thank God for granting me another year of life. I am extremely grateful. I also want to thank my good friends and family for making my birthday special. It does feel odd to know that I'm only 3 years away from turning 30. I'm just going to try to embrace getting older and make sure I do something positive and fulfilling in the next coming year. 

Since I got married and started making "married" lady friends, I met a great group of ladies and through the last couple of years we kinda became our own little Ladies Club, lol. They're awesome and love to go all out for birthdays! You know who you are, thank you for my birthday celebration...can't wait for the next ladies night!!! woo-hoo!

For my actual birthday my mom and family planned to take me out to eat and it was up to me where we went, but I couldn't decide. I actually don't like the eating out plans for birthday's because I don't feel like it's a "personable" atmosphere for the birthday person. It's usually busy on weekends and LOUD. I like homemade dinners and backyard cookouts instead. In this case there was no time for planning so I picked Smashburger! It worked out great because we were able to sit outside now that we have cool weather and then we had family fun night! Thanks to my family for a great night!

(BTW, I warned Chris that this picture would be on the blog and that's how he wanted to look. And then Mikey copied him. ugh, boys.)

And finally, I had a lovely dinner with my Dad and kids 
(yup I still call my siblings KIDS, lol) It was a really nice dinner.

Also, Thank you all who text'd me and called to wish me a happy birthday, It always makes my day more special!!!

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