Thankful, Day 13

What I am thankful for Day 13

Growing up I was fortunate to have many of vacations with my family. We would go to museums, national parks like the Grand Canyon, and also the fun theme parks. They would even drive us down the San Luis, Mexico (it's south of Yuma) just to eat authentic Mexican food, fresh fruit and explore the town for the day. In grade school I was excited to share that I had visited the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and even the Gulf of Mexico (although not an ocean) as the teacher was teaching us the oceans. Seeing the beach in person, feeling the snow in my hands, eating fish next to the bay was REALLY special to me....I gotta say, thanks Mom and Dad for taking us around the United States as much as you did, I didn't realize how special that was until I started typing this. Today I want to Thank God for Family Vacations and the memories they create. (*tears*)

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