Love/Hate and Happy Birthday!

Today is my first post in quite some time. I have a total love/hate relationship going on right now with loving the fact that I am always busy with fun, unique or special projects BUT at the same time I can feel rushed, always on the go, pressed for time, in a bind, over did myself feeling that I don't like too much. This isn't me complaining (just so you know) because if I could do it again....I probably would. 

It doesn't happen too many times a year but these past couple weeks I have had my calendar full of events, deadlines, photo sessions and editing, gift shopping (mainly online), invitation creations and the list goes on. I almost feel like it has sucked the "creative" part right out of me and in turn that means I haven't worked on blog projects at all. I really do miss it and next year I am going to try to focus on that once again. I will say that I am thoroughly looking forward to the feeling of accomplishment once I check everything off my list and get to enjoy my holiday vacation time! 

Through all this busy time...I did want to take a moment and say Happy Birthday to my Momma! 
She's turning 21 today and doesn't look a day older then that! (lol) I know I say this kind of stuff often but I never want her to think I take her for granted so I'll say it again....and again. 

Thank you Mom for all that you do, for your love and support throughout the years. I really do appreciate you for helping me be the person I am today...even the wife that I am. You taught me to be kind and caring to others, not by your words but by your actions. There are a lifetime of lessons I've learned from you, but lately I've realized how important the act of kindness is and you taught me that. I hope your day is just as special as YOU are!

Love you!