This month has two special dates for me. 

The first one is my sister's birthday...but this year was a little extra special because not only did she turn 21 but she turned 21 on April 21st. You know what that means? Golden Birthday! We threw her a fuchsia and GOLD party!

The second is the obvious, our wedding anniversary! The big FOUR! lol! Okay maybe not that big but we are still deeply in love and the best of friends so I am very thankful for another milestone in our marriage! My desire is to always make a BIG deal of these milestones, lol, I want to go all out every year. I make sure to plan a nice getaway to our favorite spot, San Diego...so San Diego here we come!

 Here we are at Newport Beach on our 1st wedding anniversary back in 2010.

Happy 2nd Anniversary HERE

Happy 3rd Anniversary HERE

And guess what.........................

More pictures to come...soon.


Mindy Nicole Martinez said...

Cool Adrienne!! I'm happy for you! You are a great wife. I bet ur hubby thanks God that you take the time to make memories specail. Everytime I read ur posts, it inspires me! :-)

Adrienne said...

Awe, thanks Mindy, that's very sweet of you to say! If you ever need help planning something for your hubs, let me know, I'll help you! :)

Mary Frances said...

I met your siblings Adrienne!!!

Adrienne said...

Awe! My sister mentioned a few people she met on Friday and she mentioned Mary, I knew it had to be you! lol.