Memorial Day

Stay-cations: A vacation spent at or near your own home, rather than traveling to another location. 

For this past weekend we knew we wanted to get out of town in some way for the holiday weekend but the thought of a 5+ hour drive wasn't appealing this time we opted for a 40 minute drive to Scottsdale, AZ and had ourselves a stay-cation with our friends Joe and Kelly! 

 Southwest Bistro  

 No diets allowed this weekend!

It was the perfect solution for us! 

 Stay-cations are the best!!!

Wall Demolition

We are making some changes to the house this week. The inspiration came from the picture below. I was looking at listings in my area and this house had a similar floor plan but they didn't have the connecting wall between the living room and kitchen.

I looks more spacious without that wall so we decided to try something similar.

We made a hole in the wall!!!!

I'm still adjusting to the view but I already like how it allows more sunlight into the kitchen area.

Keep y'all posted on the progress...

Bible Study

On April 15, my brother, my sister and I started having bible studies. I know your probably thinking why would we need bible studies? Shouldn't we be giving them instead? Well YOU ARE PROBABLY RIGHT! lol. I would love to give bible studies to anyone that is really interested but I will be pretty honest to say I don't feel confident enough to do it. I hope you know what I mean by that, it's not that I don't understand but rather that I would like to feel better prepared when asked a biblical or reference question. 

Here is our teacher, Chris! We are staying dedicated to our weekly bible studies and I am enjoying this experience with them. At first I thought it would be hard to take him serious as our teacher since we tend to joke around a lot and we have a ton of inside jokes. I am happy to say we take our bible study very serious...with a few minor distractions, like snack breaks and texting. We are going on week 4 today with only 8 more week left!

I do want to take this opportunity to say that if your reading this post and you are interested in receiving bible studies, please contact me by phone/email/comment. 

Fourth Anniversary

Last week San Diego was wonderful. It was a breezy 68 degrees during the day, perfect for window shopping and eating out on the patio. I just didn't go prepared for the night temperatures, which was 56 degrees. I knew it would be cold at night and I still didn't think of packing a sweater. grrr. I was freezing at night! We had decided early on that this was going to be a relaxing vacation and we did just that! Relaxed all day long! lol.

We stayed at the Hilton Resort. The atmosphere here was very tropical and as I reading the hotel brochure I learned that was exactly what they wanted. They wanted a "Tahiti" setting to be exact.

So this pretty much sums up all the pictures I took this year. I failed so badly at capturing pictures of this special trip. I'll make sure to do better next time :)

We {heart} Food

First stop was Anothy's Grotto (of course!)

Our Ziemer friends highly recommended this place for breakfast. So..we stood in line just too see how good pancakes could really be. I gotta say, it was WELL worth the wait!

I was so happy to see they had ONE gluten free option, Woo Hoo!

At Extraordinary Desserts!

On our trip we had lots of good food to eat! It was the best and I did eat non-gluten free a few times while on vacation. I had already decided to do that when we started making plans to go to San I didn't feel as bad while eating it! lol. Although I did try to be careful and not go overboard!