Bible Study

On April 15, my brother, my sister and I started having bible studies. I know your probably thinking why would we need bible studies? Shouldn't we be giving them instead? Well YOU ARE PROBABLY RIGHT! lol. I would love to give bible studies to anyone that is really interested but I will be pretty honest to say I don't feel confident enough to do it. I hope you know what I mean by that, it's not that I don't understand but rather that I would like to feel better prepared when asked a biblical or reference question. 

Here is our teacher, Chris! We are staying dedicated to our weekly bible studies and I am enjoying this experience with them. At first I thought it would be hard to take him serious as our teacher since we tend to joke around a lot and we have a ton of inside jokes. I am happy to say we take our bible study very serious...with a few minor distractions, like snack breaks and texting. We are going on week 4 today with only 8 more week left!

I do want to take this opportunity to say that if your reading this post and you are interested in receiving bible studies, please contact me by phone/email/comment. 


Brandy Toenges said...

This is so funny to me because me and a friend from church are doing this exact same Bible study. We are not on that week but I still thought it was cool!

Sometimes we are all in need of a refresher coarse, no harm done in having a study for you!!

Mary Frances said...

Thats soooooo COOL!!!

Adrienne said...

@Brandy, I think you put it just right, it's a good refresher! Good luck with your bible study!

@Mary, LOL, it's going good so far!

The Lee Family said...

Oh yay!!!! We'll have to invite you to the next couples Bible trivia game night we have! It's a blast!