Fourth Anniversary

Last week San Diego was wonderful. It was a breezy 68 degrees during the day, perfect for window shopping and eating out on the patio. I just didn't go prepared for the night temperatures, which was 56 degrees. I knew it would be cold at night and I still didn't think of packing a sweater. grrr. I was freezing at night! We had decided early on that this was going to be a relaxing vacation and we did just that! Relaxed all day long! lol.

We stayed at the Hilton Resort. The atmosphere here was very tropical and as I reading the hotel brochure I learned that was exactly what they wanted. They wanted a "Tahiti" setting to be exact.

So this pretty much sums up all the pictures I took this year. I failed so badly at capturing pictures of this special trip. I'll make sure to do better next time :)

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Brandy Toenges said...

Such a beautiful trip. The memories you took are in your heart!!