Raw Meal

Last week I decided to try a meal replacement but I wanted to pick a healthy alternative, not so much a workout/muscle building supplement, just a healthy meal alternative. I went to Sprouts and did some A LOT label reading on a few meal replacement options they offered. I narrowed it down to any gluten free/low sugar option...that brought it down to 3 different brands and at that point I went with the cheapest! LOL! Garden of Life, Raw Meal, provides 7 meals or 14 snack, at $22 that is $3.14 per meal.

I read a lot of reviews online to see what others put in the blender along with the Raw Meal. I narrowed my choices down to the following:

1 1/2 scoops of Raw Meal (instead of 2 scoops)
12 oz of Coconut Milk
4 oz of water
a cup of ice
6-8 frozen strawberries
If you like things sweet, add Stevia!

Pour it all in the blender and blend that shake!

It's not delicious like a strawberry milk shake...it's just what you'd expect a healthy
shake to taste like. A little grainy...but it's really filling.

Today was day 7 of replacing my lunches with this product...I didn't feel AMAZING but I felt satisfied. For me, I just wanted to do something that I knew would help me as I start getting more fit. 

When you eat good, you feel good (er)....lol.

Birthday Celebrations.

What a wonderful birthday weekend we had! Lawrence was showered with lots of gifts and lots of good food. I was so happy to celebrate with him and watch him open his gifts.

Friday night we celebrated with my side of the family and friends. The picture of Beckett and him is a shocker because he never holds babies...he just thinks they're too fragile to hold. Uncle Lawrence bought Beckett his very first Ninja Turtle t-shirt so we kinda "forced" him to take a picture with him...LOL! Gift #3 from me were the two ties!

Sunday we celebrated with his side of the family! They decorated in ninja turtle decor and cooked his favorite foods and desserts! Gift #4 was a gift card to Playstation Network!

With the birthday boy!!!

He displayed all his cards at home, he really appreciated each card and what they had to say....

He's twenty eight!

Yesterday my best friend and husband turned twenty eight years old. YIKES! With his new school schedule, this year he had a late class on the day of his birthday, so we went out for lunch. I am so thankful for him and grateful that God has given him another year of life.

First gift was a basket full of his favorites!

We had lunch at his favorite spot, Pino's Pizza!

This stuff was amazing!

Next stop, my favorite ice cream place, Pink Spot!

We shared the "Berry Good Sundae"

Second gift of the day, a new suit!

We'll be celebrating more this weekend...where he'll get gift 3 & 4! Yay, I can't wait!!!

Family Sessions...

Visit my photography blog to view my latest sessions...

Dressy Skirt...

How to turn a dress into a skirt... 

Fold the top down enough for the waist band to fit through

Pin it in place

Sew waist line all the way around leaving a small 2-3 inch opening for waist band to slide through.

Use a safety pin to help guide the elastic band through the waist line until both ends meet (see picture below)

Once both ends meet, sew ends together and sew the small opening made for elastic to run through.

Little Man Baby Shower

A few months back Chelsie's Mom and I hosted a "Little Man" theme baby shower for her. The little man, Beckett, is already going on two months but I never posted these pictures and wanted to share.

Are you my daughter?

Funniest thing keeps happening, apparently some sweet ladies of the church think I am Valerie's MOM! I'm not kidding! I've had 3 ladies in the church ask if she's my daughter. We did have a few other ladies that said they thought Valerie was 15/16 years old but still a couple thoughts that come to mind are....

1. Do I look that much older? 
2. If she was my daughter, wouldn't it be weird that she popped out of no where 4 years later?
3. How come no is wondering who the father is?

We keep thinking they're just kidding at first so we both laugh......but they're NOT kidding. I guess being 7 years apart, is enough to look like Mother and Daughter! I do want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that has gone out of the way to introduce themselves, say hi and welcome her to VPC, y'all are awesome!!!!

Take a seat.

I'm in love with these chairs and how they brought my room theme together. I didn't initially plan on using chevron print, but when I made the "Sew Cute" banner I just happen to have chevron print material saved for a skirt. I never did make the skirt and was anxious to make the "Sew Cute" banner so I went with the idea and made it from the chevron print material.

I haven't added much since my last post. I'm good with it like this for awhile because I really just need the desk area for my projects. Keep you posted as I go!

Farewell July

Welcome to August. We're in a new month today! I like the beginning of new months, especially since this one holds a few special birthday's including my hubs! I didn't blog and had a few friends asked why and one reminded me to blog (thanks bff)...but I just felt lazy to blog. LOL. As if it takes a ton of energy right?! I failed to take pictures and now that Valerie has a blog, I thought well we'd probably be blogging the same stuff so I'd let her post it. lol. Anyhow, here's a little recap on my month.

We love this coffee shop, its on 91st Ave and Olive.

Love my boo!

Where's Mikey when I need some "advice" lol.

He looks so handsome holding the car seat!

Had some good food!

We celebrated Mikey's birthday!

Went to a baby shower.

Went to the dentist! MY FAVORITE! lol!

Celebrated Yvianna's birthday. Not Ivy...thanks Mom!

Happy Birthday Yvi

My brother aka co-worker

I have pen pal buddies all the way from Boston but they decided to mail me a postcard while on vacation in Madrid. Eeeek!!!! How cool is that?! Thanks Luisana and Waldo!

Celebrated this pretty lady's birthday too.

In some way we always end up with a twin moment.

Had to share this picture...it's just too funny.

I will have a new post about the progress in my craft room that include this chevron print chair....

 ...stay tuned!