Farewell July

Welcome to August. We're in a new month today! I like the beginning of new months, especially since this one holds a few special birthday's including my hubs! I didn't blog and had a few friends asked why and one reminded me to blog (thanks bff)...but I just felt lazy to blog. LOL. As if it takes a ton of energy right?! I failed to take pictures and now that Valerie has a blog, I thought well we'd probably be blogging the same stuff so I'd let her post it. lol. Anyhow, here's a little recap on my month.

We love this coffee shop, its on 91st Ave and Olive.

Love my boo!

Where's Mikey when I need some "advice" lol.

He looks so handsome holding the car seat!

Had some good food!

We celebrated Mikey's birthday!

Went to a baby shower.

Went to the dentist! MY FAVORITE! lol!

Celebrated Yvianna's birthday. Not Ivy...thanks Mom!

Happy Birthday Yvi

My brother aka co-worker

I have pen pal buddies all the way from Boston but they decided to mail me a postcard while on vacation in Madrid. Eeeek!!!! How cool is that?! Thanks Luisana and Waldo!

Celebrated this pretty lady's birthday too.

In some way we always end up with a twin moment.

Had to share this picture...it's just too funny.

I will have a new post about the progress in my craft room that include this chevron print chair....

 ...stay tuned!

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Valerie Nieves said...

We don't always go to the same places so don't blame me. lol we are the "blog sister" we need to keep up with our name lol!