The best part of waking up on the weekends in the Garcia home is...breakfast cooking in the kitchen! I LOVE making breakfast. It's pretty much the only meal of the day I can make with confidence. My dad was always a big breakfast person so they taught me how to make omelets and the works at a pretty young age. I've been a professional ever since. I get married and figured if there is anything my husband is going to love... it's going to be breakfast! I was wrong! He liked breakfast but never during regular breakfast hours. What a bummer! It was the one good thing I had to offer in the kitchen and my dreams of cooking early morning breakfast were crushed.

Throughout the last couple years of marriage, I've discovered that I can squeeze in breakfast and he'll love it if it's past 11am! Breakfast is alive again at my house and I love cooking it.

I'll admit, yesterday's breakfast needed some bacon or something but it was still awesome!

Just the two of us.

After our friends headed back to Arizona, we decided to stay an extra day. Since we hadn't decided until Sunday afternoon to stay an extra day, we didn't have a room book so I logged onto princeline! It wasn't the best deal but it was last minute, so we booked it!

I had looked up a seafood restaurant on Yelp that would have an waterfront view and C-Level had really good reviews so we headed over there for dinner. It turned out to be just one mile away from the hotel!

The next day we drove to Little Italy for lunch 
and a little walking around before we headed home.

I'm not sure why this is always my last stop before leaving...but we made sure to get some gelato at Choclat!

And then it was HOME SWEET HOME! The best part of traveling is having plenty of time to just talk with my hubby. We start sharing ideas for the future and reminiscing on the past....awww, I just love talking with him.

Just another day in Paradise...

We headed over to San Diego for the second time this year this past weekend, but this time we brought along our good friends! I guess we pretty much stick to the same restaurants and favorite spots while we're there, so these places may look familiar if you've been reading my blog long enough.

We started with breakfast at Richard Walkers Pancake house. Cody was the one that discovered this place last time they went, then we tried it out last time we went and really loved their here we are all together, getting ready to enjoy breakfast!

Next on the list was, Ferry Landing Marketplace on the shore of Coronado Island. 

At the beach...

I think my lens is scratched, because that smudge mark showed up in a few pictures.

Loved the view from our hotel room!

Off to dinner and dessert in Downtown San Diego!

The next morning we went to Old Town for some good Mexican food!

Last stop before the Ziemer's headed back home was Seaport Village

We had a really good time and made some new memories. I have to say that I don't usually miss my bed like I've heard other say, but for the first time ever, I did miss sleeping in my own bed. I missed my home. It was actually a strange feeling for me. What's happening to me?!?! lol.

More pictures to come.....

Labor Day Weekend

This past Friday my family drove up to Flagstaff for a weekend of family fun! I really like going up north, the weather is beautiful and everything is so green over there. I wish we could bring the 68 degree weather back home. We spent a lot of time talking, laughing, playing games, eating, visiting downtown, driving out to Sedona and dipping our feet in the creek. Amazing.

I loved the house we rented.

Super tall beautiful trees!

The patio area in the backyard

We visited a few antique stores in downtown Flagstaff

Love little stores like this.

Really cute stuff but really pricey!

I fell in love with this polka dot purse, but wasn't worth $60! Oh well.

Mikey and his BFF, Lawrence.

Mikey loves hanging out with the guys, if Lawrence is the only guy around he will stick to him like glue. Therefore making Lawrence his bff all weekend long. lol.

Outside view from the kitchen nook.

Cute little sitting area.

Fireplace in sitting area.

Enjoying his corn on the cob in Sedona.

Monday we went back to downtown Flagstaff

The castle was a lot smaller in person then it was when I went 16 years ago. LOL.

I know Valerie has most of the same picture I have on this's because she follows me everywhere! Like a little puppy...wink wink! lol!