The best part of waking up on the weekends in the Garcia home is...breakfast cooking in the kitchen! I LOVE making breakfast. It's pretty much the only meal of the day I can make with confidence. My dad was always a big breakfast person so they taught me how to make omelets and the works at a pretty young age. I've been a professional ever since. I get married and figured if there is anything my husband is going to love... it's going to be breakfast! I was wrong! He liked breakfast but never during regular breakfast hours. What a bummer! It was the one good thing I had to offer in the kitchen and my dreams of cooking early morning breakfast were crushed.

Throughout the last couple years of marriage, I've discovered that I can squeeze in breakfast and he'll love it if it's past 11am! Breakfast is alive again at my house and I love cooking it.

I'll admit, yesterday's breakfast needed some bacon or something but it was still awesome!

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