Just the two of us.

After our friends headed back to Arizona, we decided to stay an extra day. Since we hadn't decided until Sunday afternoon to stay an extra day, we didn't have a room book so I logged onto princeline! It wasn't the best deal but it was last minute, so we booked it!

I had looked up a seafood restaurant on Yelp that would have an waterfront view and C-Level had really good reviews so we headed over there for dinner. It turned out to be just one mile away from the hotel!

The next day we drove to Little Italy for lunch 
and a little walking around before we headed home.

I'm not sure why this is always my last stop before leaving...but we made sure to get some gelato at Choclat!

And then it was HOME SWEET HOME! The best part of traveling is having plenty of time to just talk with my hubby. We start sharing ideas for the future and reminiscing on the past....awww, I just love talking with him.

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