Twenty Eight

Last year I shared a few life lessons I had learned by my 27th birthday. 
1. Live in the moment. just take a breath and enjoy life doing daily task, driving to work and back, making dinner. don't rush through those little things, the laundry can wait (sometimes). enjoy being present in the moment.

2. Don't be afraid to ask for help. this was a huge lesson for me this year. HUGE. we all need help at some point in life and once you ask for it, you'll learn that people around you are more then willing to help. your loved ones will go above and beyond to help. it's very humbling.
3. Clean out the closet. if you haven't used it within the year, then you probably never will. sell it. give it. you'll notice how much better you'll feel once you get rid of the unnecessary. (philosophically speaking too)

Believe it or not, tomorrow will be my 28th birthday and I've learned just a little more about life.

1. Let it go.  Huge life lessons that I had to learn to just let things go. I was reading through quotes on Pinterest (of course!) with all these thoughts running through my mind and I crashed straight into this one "Have you prayed about it, as much as you've talked about it?" Its shut me up quick! Complaining isn't going to fix anything and venting helps relieve ourselves from the issue for only a moment but it's not until we pray and let it go, that we really begin to heal.

2. Trust in Him. For the past couple years I've been dealing with a health issue that I hope to one day be able to share on this blog, but I was getting fed up with it and doubting my faith early this year. I felt like I was waiting for too long for my healing or answers. I can't say when it was exactly, maybe through one of Pastor's preachings, but I got revelation. I was too busy waiting for my healing that I wasn't paying attention to lesson within the trial. It's not over yet, but my mindset is focused on the purpose of this. What has registered strong is that you can't truly understand someones trial unless you've been through it yourself. 

3. Don't Judge. We can be quick to judge and assume we know the person based on the outer appearance, but we don't know what's really going on. One time I was walking out of a Wal-Mart with my friend and ahead of us was 6 siblings around the ages of 3-10 years old. As they were racing to the bus stop with their parents, the oldest was opening a box of donuts and passing them around. Walking and eating can get messy so they were making a mess of it all as they ate their donuts. The friend that was with me thought they were messy kids and needed to be disciplined. I looked at my friend and told her "Maybe their parents can't afford donuts often so this is a huge treat for them and they're just too excited to wait until they get home..."  I smiled at them and didn't mind their messy faces because for some reason I was just as excited as they were. lol.

Italian Beef

A couple years ago Kelly introduced us to Italian Beef! It's really really really good. I had to learn to make it and now it is probably our #1 special dinner main entree. I make it for any special dinner like birthdays, holidays, fathers day...that type of special dinner. It's just the one thing I can count on turning out just right and everyone loves it. In the past I've shared the recipe with a few ladies and today I wanted to share with my readers!

Italian Beef

4 Pounds of  beef chuck roast
2 Jar of Pepperoncinis (I prefer sliced, but whole works just as well!)
2 Onions (slice or cubed)
2 packets of Italian Dressing
Cook on High for 5 hours (Since not all Crock Pots work the same, check meat after 5 hours)  

*Traditionally served in a hamburger bun, sub or hoagie roll. This is the directions for 3-4 pounds, if you are making 2 pounds, divide ingredients in half.


Once I add all the ingredients, I kinda hand mix all the ingredients together. Next time I'm going to mix everything in a mixing bowl first and then pour over the meat. I'll see how that works.
  The roast in the picture served 10 people and I still had left overs, so it goes a long way! I serve it with mashed potatoes, streamed veggies and dinner rolls. It's delicious!

Weekend Recap!

I was on the go all weekend long! Starting my weekend with Alicia's baby shower. I don't have a picture of me with the Mommy-to-be, but here's some decor made by Kelly and my buddy of the night, Beckett! 

Saturday brunch for my two favorite men at Park Cafe.

Next I was off to another sweet baby shower!

They incorporated a pinata in the baby shower and my sister broke the pinata! She's got skills. LOL!

As the guest left, the Mommy to be had a thank you card and Hershey Bar for each guest. Love this idea.

Sunday was a special day for my family. Whenever a couple gets engaged, the way we announce it to the church is with a poem that Pastor writes and reads to the church. Yesterday, Pastor announce the engagement of my Brother and Marla! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! We're SUPER excited!!!!!!

Chris wanted flowers that he would hand to Marla during the announcement so I was in charge of picking them up.They were SO beautiful, I wanted to keep them for myself, lol.

After service we hosted an engagement announcement party! I took the worse pictures of the decor :(

Hugs and Kisses from the future Mr. & Mrs. (The bags were filled with Hershey Kisses)

My Mom made the cake! It was filled with coconut and pineapple! Yum!!

The wedding date!
Chris re-sang the song he wrote for Marla and sang to her the day they got engaged!

It was SWEET and FUN last night to share the news and celebrate with them. The lovebirds have been engaged since labor day I'm glad IT'S FINALLY ANNOUNCED!!!! LOL!!! They should have their wedding site up soon where they will share more pictures of last night and the story of how he proposed.

More Celebrations!

This week we celebrated Tennille's birthday! She has been my little buddy since she was in grade school, then she turned into my co-worker and finally into my cousin-in-law! We were always close so even without the title, she was always like my other sister. We've been through SO much and have SO many stories. 

25th Wedding Anniversary Part 2

I wanted to share the special touches that Tennille and her family added to the Anniversary Dinner.

Uncle's parents on their wedding day.

Their original guest book.

The flower girl basket made by a close friend 25 years ago.

The wedding dress

25th Wedding Annivserary Part 1

Earlier this year we helped Lynnette set up her wedding reception and like I said before it was a beautiful wedding. The ladies in my family thought it was so pretty that we borrowed her centerpiece idea for my Mom's wedding (which I haven't posted pictures of yet.) and this past weekend we used the idea again. Our Aunt and Uncle celebrated 25 years of marriage and their children hosted an elegant dinner to celebrate. They worked very hard on planning this event and making sure it all turned out perfect for their parents. 

In this post I will share pictures of the table setting. You'll notice that instead of table numbers, each table had a word that contributes to a happy marriage. Loved that idea!

My Mom wanted the Bride & Groom to have a special look to their seat.

Setting up events is a lot of work, but it's all worth it when you see the finished product!