Italian Beef

A couple years ago Kelly introduced us to Italian Beef! It's really really really good. I had to learn to make it and now it is probably our #1 special dinner main entree. I make it for any special dinner like birthdays, holidays, fathers day...that type of special dinner. It's just the one thing I can count on turning out just right and everyone loves it. In the past I've shared the recipe with a few ladies and today I wanted to share with my readers!

Italian Beef

4 Pounds of  beef chuck roast
2 Jar of Pepperoncinis (I prefer sliced, but whole works just as well!)
2 Onions (slice or cubed)
2 packets of Italian Dressing
Cook on High for 5 hours (Since not all Crock Pots work the same, check meat after 5 hours)  

*Traditionally served in a hamburger bun, sub or hoagie roll. This is the directions for 3-4 pounds, if you are making 2 pounds, divide ingredients in half.


Once I add all the ingredients, I kinda hand mix all the ingredients together. Next time I'm going to mix everything in a mixing bowl first and then pour over the meat. I'll see how that works.
  The roast in the picture served 10 people and I still had left overs, so it goes a long way! I serve it with mashed potatoes, streamed veggies and dinner rolls. It's delicious!

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Mary Frances said...

I made it annnnnnd it turned out FABULOUS!!! Thanks for posting!!! :)))