Happy Bday Mom...

Yesterday we celebrated my Mom's birthday at her home. She doesn't like a big fuss and parties, even though I threw her a party last year against her wish because the date was too cool to pass up, 12/12/12!
We kept things low key just for her yesterday, dinner at home made/provided by her kids and husband. 

Every once in awhile my Mom will make comments about my hair always looking the same (LOL, Mom's are honest ladies.) so yesterday I did it a little different just for her! (It was up high vs.down low)

My Mom sent out a text of what she would love for her birthday gifts...and we were able to get every item off that list. It was an easy list but still, we did it!
  1. Blow dryer
  2. Curling iron
  3. Red leather gloves
  4. Boots with low heel
  5. Head bands
  6. And a few extras we knew she'd love...like cash!

Mikey is always the gift opening "helper" and he won those "shoes" at school. He didn't take them off all night!

May God bless my Mom with LOTS & LOTS & LOTS more years of life!!!

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Helen @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

Hi! I wanted to stop by and let you know I have a link to your blog on the Apostolic Pentecostal Bloggers list. You can check it out here: http://apeverything.blogspot.com/p/blogs.html