My December

This might be one of my longest post ever. Taking it all the way back to Christmas...we took family pictures with the new family members included this year...we went from 5 to 8 all in one year. What a blessing family can be!

Awe, Chris love his!
During the holidays I always offer a "Holiday Mini Session" at a discounted rate so that families can take pictures for their holiday cards. Thanks to my wonderful clients for hiring me :)

Then all my holiday decor went up early December. I've been adding a few snowman throughout the years...I'm still not done collecting all the snowman I want. I gotta say, I love the way the decorations make my house look and I was sad to take it all down once it was time. 

New Years at my Mom's house was FUN! We played games, lit fireworks and played some more games...Thank God for a new year!

During the holidays I took THREE weeks off! Do you know how excited I was about this? Ask my family and friends...I was happy as can be! I took advantage of my time off by organizing each room, linen closet and my own bedroom feels good to have the house reorganized again. On top of all that I went on a few dates, baked, hung out with my cousin who came in from Georgia, finished my Christmas shopping, packed up all my holiday decor and went furniture shopping. I'm trying to complete my dinning room and formal living room...but I found nothing I like so far. (Sad Face)

If your not from my church, you might not know that we start the year with a week of prayer & fasting Pastor ask that we do a 3 day fast and if we decide to go longer, that's up to each individual. Well during those mason jar was my best friend during my was never empty lol. 

Then we broke our fast....
After fasting...this Nutter Butter  Shake never tasted better!!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas & New years!!

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