Valentine's Day

Who doesn't love Valentine's Day? I've always looked forward to Valentine's Day, even back in my single years because I'd make plans with my girlfriends and we'd give each other a bunch of candy, teddy bears or gifts. It was more like Friends Day but it was fun! I already got some gifts this week and they're soooooo cute!!! I'm not eating the sweets but, I REALLY appreciate the thought :)

I made a special gram and personally delivered each one to our Mom's, Auntie and my Grandma! I love making my own grams and making their Valentine's Day just a little more special! I delivered my Grandma's a little late last night and she was already asleep when I dropped her gram off, but when she woke up this morning it was the first thing she saw. She was so excited and called me right away. Awe, that made me so happy!

The 4th one had already left for I only had 3 left for this picture.

Hope everyone has a sweet are all loved and very special! 
Happy Valentine's Day!

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