Diet Summary (Week 8)

 I am back on track with all my meals. I bought my groceries for the week. Cut my fruits and stored each separately into Tupperware so they're ready for my daily fruit shakes. I also bough raw/salt free almonds and cashews for snacks and put them into little zip-lock bags so I can grab on the go. I bought air popped popcorn as a fun snack because I love snacking so this way I have plenty of options. I'm still eating Special K with Almond milk light for breakfast and I'm not tired of it yet lol. 

Back on my bike this week and I am ready to hit 5 miles at each ride! After my bike ride, I'll bring along my 3 pound weights and do some arm workouts as I walk. Two in One workout...gotta love it!

 I feel really shy about sharing my weight publicly on here but if I am going to be sharing all the details, I might as well share my weight. So here goes nothing...I started my lifestyle change a.k.a. Diet at 171 pounds and now I am at 163.5 pounds! Since my weight tends to fluctuation often, I weighted in a couple times to make sure it was accurate. I know this was a whole weekend before I should have weighted in, but I had to see how things where going since I wasn't as consistent for 2 weeks.

 I need to get serious again about this "getting healthy" journey. Having those two week off of working out like I was in the beginning really threw me off and it has taken a whole lot of self motivation along with awesome motivation from my friends to keep me going. Everything is easy at first, the motivation is high and we have this natural inspiration to get started but 8 weeks into it starts to get old. I think changing up my snacks, meals and workout routine has helped a little.

Diet Summary (Week 7)

Made my last shake for dinner last Monday!
My mornings have consisted of Special K cereal with strawberries and Almond Milk Light. If it's not cereal, I'll have oatmeal with fruit, like a banana, blueberries or strawberries. A quick snack I've added is, Rice Cake, Chocolate Crunch or Caramel Corn. I've been taking a break from my morning shakes because I was getting tired of them, lol. I needed a little change. I ate out often this week, we ate at Chick-Fil-A twice because they have a Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich that is just 300 calories, plus I can switch my fries for fruit and I'd have an unsweetened ice tea with Splenda. That was helpful, since I didn't have time to make dinner.

I wasn't going to have time for my usual workout with the wedding a few days away, so I had to improvise big time! lol! I had tons of errands to run for the wedding, so I made sure to park way towards the back. I focused on the way I lifted the bags into the car, that way my arms got a workout too. I usually have Lawrence help me unload the car but instead I did it by myself to keep me on my feet a little longer before I had to sit at my desk working on more wedding stuff all evening.

Health Benefits
 I can't say I noticed any health benefits this week.

 Since I decided to only weight in once a month, I don't have any updates on results yet.

I didn't realize how busy I would be the week approaching the wedding. I should have been more prepared for last week by grocery shopping a few days prior. There wasn't a night that I was in bed earlier then 12:30am..I was so tired that my body felt sore, LOL. I didn't feel very accomplished this week, but I was happy that I didn't cheat much when it came to my meals. Mentally, I am having a hard time getting back into the old routine I had been on 2 weeks ago. Here goes nothing!

C and M Wedding Day

This past Saturday my little brother got married. It's the strangest feeling thinking about him being a married man now. lol. I'm sure other sister's reading this can relate to what I'm talking about. It's just an adjustment but I'm very happy for them. HAPPY HAPPY! JOY JOY! 

Every part of this wedding was all Marla's personality. She did a really good job at putting this Vintage/Victorian wedding theme together. She asked the Ladies to wear their finest Sunday hat and I was so happy to see lots of hats.I know that made her happy!

The Newlyweds taking their pictures (Captured by Sis.Franklin)

Marla and her brother (Captured by Sis.Franklin)

This is my Dad (second to left) with his brothers, sisters and Mom.


The Sweetheart Table

The Wedding Reception

The Bride's brother and Groom's sister gave a toast!

Mikey giving thanks to all the guest for being at his Mom & Dad's wedding. He was also the best man!

Marla & Chris watching their picture slide show.

(Captured by Sis.Franklin)

Sweetheart table when the lights were dimmed...looked so pretty!
The Wedding Cake. This isn't the best picture of the cake.

The food was delish thanks to Chyra and her team!

The Groom tossing the garter!

Look who caught the bouquet and garter!

The Grand Exit

Drove off in a Rolls-Royce

With my love!

Hopefully I'll get more pictures from family and friends to share with you all. There are lots of details that I didn't get to share yet in these pictures like when she showed up on a horse drawn carriage.

Diet Summary (Week 6)

Week 6
 (This is a late post)
  I've been drinking my shakes with RAW FIT every day and the taste is starting to get annoying because no matter what I add, the powder over powers any other flavor in the shake. lol. I looked up new shake recipes and found one called Chunky Monkey.  I don't LOVE chocolate all the time so I still stuck to regular almond milk and that was good for me! I also prepped all my dinners for the week on Monday. Each one consisted of a mix of grilled chicken, sweet potato, brown rice and steamed veggies.

Chunky Monkey Shake Ingredients
1 Frozen Banana
1 Cup Dark Chocolate Almond Milk
1 Tbsp Peanut Butter
Handful of Ice
Optional: 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
 I totally slacked on working out except for 2 days this week, I'll explain why in the next section.
Health Benefits
I got sick. I was really bummed, because I couldn't workout almost all week. It looks like that sinus infection finally caught up with me. I didn't have much energy and felt kinda out of it so I made sure to keep eating right this week so that I wouldn't hurt the progress I had been making.
 Since I decided to only weight in once a month, I don't have any updates on results except that my regular clothes is starting to feel a lot more comfortable. That's been an indicator that I am on the right track and 
"feeling" the results!

 I finally had got into a good daily workout routine for myself and then I got sick. Now I feel like I've lost a WHOLE WEEK and I need to make it up. All weekend I have been mentally preparing myself to get back into the routine of working out again. Ain't gonna lie, I really don't want to workout. LOL. BUT I WILL DO IT!!!  Wish me luck!

Healthy is happy

Today is a brand new day
A fresh start
Replace any negativity with Positivity
Think happy thoughts
Drink lots of water
Fill your body with fuel
Healthy is happy
Inspire yourself
Go for a run
Do some sit ups
Give someone a compliment
Make a new friend
Tell yourself you are Beautiful
Spread the Love
Be Kind
Take Chances
~Inspiration found on Pinterest~

 Lemon Pepper Fish.
This is a quick dinner option. I followed the directions of the package to thaw out and cook. Added Lemon Pepper & plenty of fresh lemon juice. Baked. Served on brown rice with a side of veggies!