C and M Wedding Day

This past Saturday my little brother got married. It's the strangest feeling thinking about him being a married man now. lol. I'm sure other sister's reading this can relate to what I'm talking about. It's just an adjustment but I'm very happy for them. HAPPY HAPPY! JOY JOY! 

Every part of this wedding was all Marla's personality. She did a really good job at putting this Vintage/Victorian wedding theme together. She asked the Ladies to wear their finest Sunday hat and I was so happy to see lots of hats.I know that made her happy!

The Newlyweds taking their pictures (Captured by Sis.Franklin)

Marla and her brother (Captured by Sis.Franklin)

This is my Dad (second to left) with his brothers, sisters and Mom.


The Sweetheart Table

The Wedding Reception

The Bride's brother and Groom's sister gave a toast!

Mikey giving thanks to all the guest for being at his Mom & Dad's wedding. He was also the best man!

Marla & Chris watching their picture slide show.

(Captured by Sis.Franklin)

Sweetheart table when the lights were dimmed...looked so pretty!
The Wedding Cake. This isn't the best picture of the cake.

The food was delish thanks to Chyra and her team!

The Groom tossing the garter!

Look who caught the bouquet and garter!

The Grand Exit

Drove off in a Rolls-Royce

With my love!

Hopefully I'll get more pictures from family and friends to share with you all. There are lots of details that I didn't get to share yet in these pictures like when she showed up on a horse drawn carriage.

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