Diet Summary (Week 7)

Made my last shake for dinner last Monday!
My mornings have consisted of Special K cereal with strawberries and Almond Milk Light. If it's not cereal, I'll have oatmeal with fruit, like a banana, blueberries or strawberries. A quick snack I've added is, Rice Cake, Chocolate Crunch or Caramel Corn. I've been taking a break from my morning shakes because I was getting tired of them, lol. I needed a little change. I ate out often this week, we ate at Chick-Fil-A twice because they have a Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich that is just 300 calories, plus I can switch my fries for fruit and I'd have an unsweetened ice tea with Splenda. That was helpful, since I didn't have time to make dinner.

I wasn't going to have time for my usual workout with the wedding a few days away, so I had to improvise big time! lol! I had tons of errands to run for the wedding, so I made sure to park way towards the back. I focused on the way I lifted the bags into the car, that way my arms got a workout too. I usually have Lawrence help me unload the car but instead I did it by myself to keep me on my feet a little longer before I had to sit at my desk working on more wedding stuff all evening.

Health Benefits
 I can't say I noticed any health benefits this week.

 Since I decided to only weight in once a month, I don't have any updates on results yet.

I didn't realize how busy I would be the week approaching the wedding. I should have been more prepared for last week by grocery shopping a few days prior. There wasn't a night that I was in bed earlier then 12:30am..I was so tired that my body felt sore, LOL. I didn't feel very accomplished this week, but I was happy that I didn't cheat much when it came to my meals. Mentally, I am having a hard time getting back into the old routine I had been on 2 weeks ago. Here goes nothing!

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