Diet Summary (Week 8)

 I am back on track with all my meals. I bought my groceries for the week. Cut my fruits and stored each separately into Tupperware so they're ready for my daily fruit shakes. I also bough raw/salt free almonds and cashews for snacks and put them into little zip-lock bags so I can grab on the go. I bought air popped popcorn as a fun snack because I love snacking so this way I have plenty of options. I'm still eating Special K with Almond milk light for breakfast and I'm not tired of it yet lol. 

Back on my bike this week and I am ready to hit 5 miles at each ride! After my bike ride, I'll bring along my 3 pound weights and do some arm workouts as I walk. Two in One workout...gotta love it!

 I feel really shy about sharing my weight publicly on here but if I am going to be sharing all the details, I might as well share my weight. So here goes nothing...I started my lifestyle change a.k.a. Diet at 171 pounds and now I am at 163.5 pounds! Since my weight tends to fluctuation often, I weighted in a couple times to make sure it was accurate. I know this was a whole weekend before I should have weighted in, but I had to see how things where going since I wasn't as consistent for 2 weeks.

 I need to get serious again about this "getting healthy" journey. Having those two week off of working out like I was in the beginning really threw me off and it has taken a whole lot of self motivation along with awesome motivation from my friends to keep me going. Everything is easy at first, the motivation is high and we have this natural inspiration to get started but 8 weeks into it starts to get old. I think changing up my snacks, meals and workout routine has helped a little.

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jen lord said...

Routine does tend to get boring.... keep changing it up and keep up the good work! :)