Diet Summary - Week 9

Prepping food has been a really good thing for me personally. Some people prefer a fresh cooked meal daily but I don't mind having to reheat my meals. Breakfast consist of oatmeal with low calorie Almond Milk or I'll make a breakfast shake with fruit. A new dinner option I made is gluten free-angel hair pasta topped with grilled chicken and organic pasta sauce. Other than that, the rest of my menu is pretty much the same from past weeks.

My main workout is going on walks or jogging. If I am just going on a walk, I take 3 or 5 pound weights along to workout my arms and add some endurance. I haven't been back at doing 45 min cardio sessions since March...(i think).

I have been able to maintain my weight from the last post. Even with the vacation we went on, Easter Sunday and everything in between, I was happy to see that I am maintaining!


At this point I am realizing that being consistent is a lot harder than what I thought. I didn't imagine I'd be taking all these mini breaks in between, but life happens. I've learned that I have no problem eating the right foods. If anything I really enjoy eating healthy...but I do have a problem finding the motivation to workout. Instead of quitting at week 8, I will keep going. I still have a goal in mind and I am determined to reach that goal!

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