36 Weeks

How far along: 36 Weeks = 9 months!!!

Baby Size: At our last visit he was 5lbs 1oz
Maternity clothes: Yes, if it fits I'm wearing it!
Sleep: Not very much sleep at night, with all the trips to the bathroom and waking up to rotate, I am up several times at night.
Gender: It's a boy!

Movement: Thankfully he's moving just enough. He's not an active baby at all, just kicks here and there plus his daily hiccups which has him bouncing. When someone actually wants to feel him move he refuses to so not everyone get's to feel him move, lol.

Best moment this week: There's been a lot of "best" moments in the last few weeks. We had another baby shower, my husbands co-workers hosted a work shower and we finally got things going in the nursery. I got to wash and fold a few loads of tiny baby clothes. We setup the bassinet in our room and I packed baby boy's hospital bag! Yay!

Looking forward to: At this point I am looking forward to holding him, he can come as soon as next week and no later then 3 weeks from now since I'll be induce around the 15th. (Official date not confirmed yet). I am also in nesting mode, so I am trying to get the house in order, pack my own hospital bag and hopefully get some freezer meals done. I'll be able to relax after that.
Food cravings: No matter what I think I'm craving, as soon as I see or think of watermelon I have to have it! It's so good!
  Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!
Labor Signs: I'll have braxton hicks almost on a daily basis, so far that's it.
What I miss: I really miss wearing regular shoes, getting up quickly or moving around like normal.
Symptoms: Swollen feet have won! No matter how much swimming I do, they're just swollen all the time now. I have about 3 pairs of shoes that fit comfortably. The other biggest symptom is just being TIRED. ALL. THE. TIME. I can take a nap and still wake up tired.
Nursery: It's finally coming along. My biggest regret was not starting earlier as I had originally planned. I don't have all the energy to work on it right now like I'd love to. We have all the furniture setup and clothes put away in the drawers. Next is just getting the walls decorated.

Here's a little peak into the nursery.
Belly Button in or out? Really...really out!

Mood: Nervous and Excited....Anxious! I'm feeling all the emotions you can think of.

I also started drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. 
If your interested in it's benefits click HERE

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