Nine Months

Liam, you have changed so much in this past month. For one you are so mobile. Moving is all you want to do. You love to crawl on the cold tile and get into everything. You love to find the smallest spec in the carpet and inspect it so diligently and then decide to eat it. Now you have both of us looking for any little dot on the floor before you find it. You'd rather play with cords and try to climb the coffee table then to play with all those wonderful toys you have.

You don't wave bye-bye as much this month. You're just done with trying to be friendly. Instead you nod "no" to anything you don't want. If someone wants to hold you and you don't want to go, you nod no. You like to stick your tongue out and grunt. You still enjoy clapping and bouncing. And of course you gotta have those sweet potatoes! Lucky for you, your dada's been giving you a taste of some fun stuff and so far you like ranch dressing, whip cream, ice cream, mashed potatoes and lemons! You didn't like ketchup.

I love spending time with you. I find what makes you laugh and do it over and over again just to see you smile and laugh. What melts my heart is that no matter what you always want "ma-ma-ma" to hold you. Everything is better in my arms. It's always a safe place for you. I love our snuggles and that you let me cuddle with you. I give you a million kisses and you don't move for a few minutes. It's rare for you to not move around, so that means you love my kisses enough to sit still for a little bit and I love that.

I will always love you this little but watching you grow is so exciting and fun.

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