What I've been up to...

I've been wanting to jump back into the blogging world for quite some time but as you can imagine I lack the extra time. I knew having a baby would be new and wonderful but also a distraction from most of my projects and hobbies. And I also knew there'd be an adjustment period where I'd have to find myself again in the mist of being a full time mommy but boy I didn't expect it to take me this long. And maybe this isn't very long to some but I just had my own set of expectations that didn't end up happening. I'm a total night owl so I found it incredibly difficult to adjust to the lack of sleep while having to become a morning person all at the same time. Fast forward 8 months, I am happy to share that I have finally reach a point where I can function with very little sleep. Technically I reach this point a few months ago, but I couldn't get around to blogging so I'm just now sharing this wonderful news. So, for now I just get up and take it one day at a time. I'm sure that's what most of us mom's do everyday. Any-who...I've said all that to finally say that I am back! I had a baby, went through a long adjustment period but I'm ready to jump back into my hobbies.

Liam has changed my life and being a Mommy has taught me so much. I love this new life through the eyes of my son. He's our joy!

I've done quite a bit this year so let me hurry up and catch you up to speed!

 Liam's first Christmas

Happy New Year!

Liam's first tooth!

 Liam's first Valentine's Day

My sister got married! Please stop by her blog to see her new adventure!

Liam's first hospital stay. This was one I never wanted to see happen but he got RSV and was admitted for a few days. This was the day he got discharged.

Liam's first Easter

 Lawrence graduated from ASU

And so did Tia Valerie

Liam became a BIG cousin and I got to take his newborn pictures.

We celebrated 7 years of marriage.

 Memorial Day stay-cation

 Liam's first family vacation.

There you have it! 


Mary Frances said...

Awwwwwwww yaaaaaay your back!!! Your little baby is sooooo ADORABLE!!! He literally looks like BOTH of you!!! ANNNNND you look SUPERRRR GOOD!!! Never woulda known you just had a baby!!! And your sis looks beautiful in that wedding pic and I'll have to go check out her blog and congrats to all the graduates!!! :)))

Adrienne said...

Hey Mary! Thank you! I think he's a pretty good blend of us too. Lol, thanks... I can't say it's anything I've done to lose the baby weight... it's all thanks to nursing. Yes, go check out her blog, it's cute. Hope you're doing well :)

rebecca heredia said...

Omg how precious is he perfect combination of you 2 and you sure do have great kodak moments and you totally do look nice wouldn't think you just had a baby GBY

Adrienne said...

Hi Becky, I do love taking pictures of him. And thank you...hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

How did it feel going on vacation with the new addition? He's so stinkin cute by the way!