My diaper bag.

1. This bag I would consider a little dressier  since it's all black. It sits up on its own and its slim yet fits everything I need. Plenty of pockets for my own personal belongings.

2. I like this for casual stuff like shopping or eating out. I really like light grey color and it's a little bigger then the black one so I can add a few more items that Liam might need like extra toys.

3. I really love this bag pack. I love that I can hold Liam comfortably with both arms or at least have a free hand for other stuff. It's the bag I use for running errands and it holds double the amount then my other two bags. This is also Lawrence's go to bag when he's on daddy duty.

Like any Mom, I try to pack all the stuff I know my baby will need. As he gets older the items have changed and I don't have to pack as much stuff these days. One very recent change is going from a bottle to a sippy cup. I can't take credit for this new step since Liam is mainly BF and never became attached to the bottle.

Baby food! Liam loves to eat a lot! I pack his baby food and snacks no matter how long I plan to be out. He LOVES homemade baby food more the the jarred stuff so I use these cute containers to pack his food on the go. They aren't 100% drip proof so most of the time I put the container in a zippy bag just in case there's a leak.

My teething baby has to have his teething toys and Sofie (the giraffe) is his favorite! Poor Sofie has been through a lot but she's going strong. LOL! Otherwise I try to alternate toys for him to play with and keep him busy.

Diapers are probably #1 on this list. I keep 3-4 in the diaper bag and even a few extra in the car just in case. Wipes are awesome! I like to fill up the clutch with a big stack of wipes because we use them for everything. I like to wipe his face, hands and anything he's going to touch. Plus I bring along baby lotion, baby powder and rash cream.

Although it's summer time and VERY hot, I like to have a muslin swaddle blanket with me. They can be used as a nursing cover, car seat/stroller cover and changing table cover if needed. And....thanks to quite a bit of diaper explosions I MUST carry an extra outfit or two for him. I really never know what to expect so being extra prepared is best. 

And Lastly, my stuff! I bought this cute pink pouch to keep all my personal must haves in one spot. I skipped carrying my wallet and instead I just bring along the most important cards. Keeping everything in this pouch makes things easy when switching bags. Especially when I'm in a hurry.


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